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  • Black Tie QUICK VIEW Black Tie $45.00

    Black Tie


    Black Tie! Black and white feathers with a black and white faux eagle feather. Pony beads are black and white.
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  • Blue QUICK VIEW Blue $100.00



    Blue! I say you need to wear Blue! It’s stunning and artsy! Statement piece! Blue peacock feathers with leather accent on navy blue bow tie! 
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  • Cork Bow Tie QUICK VIEW Cork Bow Tie $65.00

    Cork Bow Tie


    This lovely bow tie is made out of cork! How cool is that! Something really unique to add to your style!
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  • Grace QUICK VIEW Grace $110.00



    Hand painted crosses on feather ponytail holder and earrings.
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  • Jack QUICK VIEW Jack $125.00



    Jack! Blue Denim  bow tie with feathers and suede. 
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  • Jackson Bow Tie QUICK VIEW Jackson Bow Tie $125.00

    Jackson Bow Tie


    Carved wood and wood cufflinks! This is a show stopper for your next event!
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  • Leopold QUICK VIEW Leopold $0.00 $350.00 SALE



    Leopold! Something special! Navy blue micro-suede bow tie with blue and yellow feathers and a 5 carat citrine emerald cut gemstone. When you order this one of a kind gemstone...
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  • Mountain QUICK VIEW Mountain $45.00



    Burgundy and black Nagoire feathers, Partridge feathers, suede lace and pony beads.
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  • Pirate Ponytail Holder QUICK VIEW Pirate Ponytail Holder from $99.00

    Pirate Ponytail Holder


    This unique ponytail holder was inspired by Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean!  Nagoire feathers, beads, hand painted feathers and a shell bead make this hair accessory truly special.
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  • Pirates Earring QUICK VIEW Pirates Earring $0.00 $65.00 SALE

    Pirates Earring


    Pirates earring with faux dreads, Hand painted feathers on silver plated fish hooks. 
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  • Sadie QUICK VIEW Sadie $35.00



    Red, white and blue Nagoire feathers and beads with suede lace.
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  • Snowbird QUICK VIEW Snowbird $35.00



    White nagoire feathers, silver and white  pony beads and suede lace ponytail holder.
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