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  • Alex QUICK VIEW Alex $50.00



    Hand painted feather earrings. Turtle shell with feathers with a turquoise stone bead.
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    Guinea feather earrings with off white stone bead.
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  • Black Tie QUICK VIEW Black Tie $45.00

    Black Tie


    Black Tie! Black and white feathers with a black and white faux eagle feather. Pony beads are black and white.
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  • Bow Tie Bebe QUICK VIEW Bow Tie Bebe Out of stock

    Bow Tie Bebe


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Unique peacock feather bow tie for toddler.
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  • Charlize QUICK VIEW Charlize $0.00 $24.00 SALE



    Turquoise and purple nagoire feathers, purple pony bead on silver plated fish hooks.
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  • Clair Dread Jewelry QUICK VIEW Clair Dread Jewelry $15.00

    Clair Dread Jewelry


    I think Claire is so cute. Small partridge feathers, square beads and shell bead. 
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  • Coco QUICK VIEW Coco $30.00



    Chocolate and cream nagoire feathers, stone beads with silver plated fish hooks. 
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  • Cowboy Graffiti QUICK VIEW Cowboy Graffiti $200.00

    Cowboy Graffiti


    Hand painted cowboy graffiti on feather bow tie. Bow tie is blue denim. 
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  • Dakoda QUICK VIEW Dakoda $35.00



    Hand painted feather dread jewelry with a hand painted buffalo partridge feathers and burgundy feather accents 
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  • Dakota QUICK VIEW Dakota $45.00



    Hand painted feather earrings with faces
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  • Delia Dread Jewelry QUICK VIEW Delia Dread Jewelry $30.00

    Delia Dread Jewelry


    Rose color feathers and beads with off white peacock feathers. 
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  • Denver QUICK VIEW Denver $65.00



    Feather Hair comb with large faux eagle feather  Pony beads are turquoise, black and silver. Nagoire feathers and partridge feathers.  
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